Scientist: Cancer Study Relating Cellphone Dubious

One of the Canadian researchers involved in the study stated that a chief new international study on probable association between cellphone use and brain cancer was gravely undermined by over enthusiastic boards that helped in bringing about confusing results from the $27-million project.

Prof. Siemiatycki, who supervised the $500,000 Quebec segment of the project said that the result would be based on statistical biases making the consequences suspect at best.

In actual fact, the Interphone study established that the peril of brain tumors was really lower for the general group of people, who had hardly made use of a mobile phone, and only somewhat higher than the standard amongst the most common cell callers.

It is completely the case that the right to privacy has trumped the right to health, as said by the scientist in an interview.

If the similar set of laws were in place 50 years back that are available nowadays, we would not be acquainted with that asbestos can cause cancer, that smoking can cause cancer.

The Epidemiologist recommended that the people, who sit on ethics boards for research-funding bodies and hospitals, do not at all times have the finest interests of science in their mind.