Vicks Ropes in Dame Susan Devoy for the Anti Pneumonia Initiative

In an initiative to help fight pneumonia in developing countries, Vicks has roped in Dame Susan Devoy, iconic sportsperson of New Zealand.

According to the reports Dame Susan Devoy is proud to be a part of the Vicks Road to Relief initiative , that would offer the Kiwis with a simple way to make a real difference for a child in need.

The latest UNICEF figures suggest the pneumonia kills almost 2 million children in the developing countries every year.

Medical experts say that Pneumonia is a serious and common complication of the measles that kills more children in the developing countries as compared to the total combined deaths from AIDS, malaria and measles. They further claim that the risk of death from pneumonia could be significantly reduced if a child is immunized against the measles.

Reports suggest that with the purchase of each specially marked Vicks Road to Relief product between now and August, Vicks would pay for one child in a developing country to be immunised against measles.

The total funds raised would to the UNICEF, who will ensure that the vaccines for the measles are administered in the places where they are needed the most. The goal of the initiative is to fund 2 million immunisations in 2010 alone.

Responding to her association with the campaign, Dame Susan said, “The Vicks Road to Relief campaign's 'buy one pack, immunize one child', approach means that Kiwis purchasing a product for their own family can also dramatically help a less fortunate family somewhere else in the world".