Women With Younger Husbands-Die Younger: Study

A new study published in the journal Demography reveals that, women with younger husbands, are prone to die at a younger age, as compared with the women who are married to men of their age.

The study highlights the bizarre observation that women who marry a younger or an older man and the age gap is considerably wide, women die younger as compared with other women.

The study, conducted on the marriage and death records of two million Danish couples was done by Sven Drefahl, of Germany's Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research.

Following the observations of the records, Drefahl found that a woman with the husband, who is seven years younger to her, is 20% more likely to die earlier. The comparisons were made with women whose husbands were of a similar age.

The study also revealed that the pattern also holds true for a woman whose husband is older than her and the gap is considerably large.

The explanation of the pattern Drefahl claims is that, women who are married to men that are considerably older or younger husbands essentially go through social pressures that are caused by the atypical relationship.

Thereby, the stress that generates from such pressure is likely to have detrimental effects on their health.

On the other hand, the study brings forth the observation that men who marry younger women are benefitted from the scenario. The study suggests that men who marry women who are seven years younger than them are 11% less likely to die before their time.