Study Finds More Phone Are Safe To Use

A study done by World Health Organization has reported that it is not possible to link mobile phone usage with certain types of brain cancer. Experts fell that more research is needed to reaching any conclusions. But still heavy mobile phone usage may lead to some health problems.

The study was conducted over a period of 10 years and 13,000 were a part of this study. Health experts are questioning this study as 25% funding for this study was provided by mobile phone companies.

Elisabeth Cardis, the study's chief author concluded that even though the study does not reveal an increased link but it is still possible to be at a higher risk of getting problems through increased mobile phone usage.

In this study, healthy people along with people having two forms of brain cancer glioma and miningioma tumours were analyzed. Even though some felt that heavy users of mobile phone may be at an increased risk of getting brain cancer, problems with the study's methodology ensured that the results are inconclusive.

Researchers also argued that handsets are now emitting much lesser amount of radiation as compared to the earlier times. A lot of medical experts are terming the study as flawed. They feel that wrong methodologies and techniques were used to conduct the study.

While last month a more comprehensive study of mobile phone users was launched in UK last month. As a part of this research, 250,000 participants will be involved in the study over a period of between 20-30 years.