Test Tube Babies May Be More Common in Future

Scientists are predicting that couples will stop having sex in the next 10 years and babies will be conceived mainly by IVF. It is assumed that people in their 30s will mostly rely on artificial methods of fertilization. They contend that natural human reproduction techniques are not sufficient and will be used by less and less couples in the coming times.

If this is true, sex will just become another leisure activity for couples. This statement comes as the latest blow to the Christian idea that sex is mainly responsible for reproduction in human beings.

If this becomes a reality in the coming times, theories which have expounded in books like Brave New World will become real in the coming days. But it is also prompting experts to suggest that increased use of IVF techniques will lead to eugenics, which may not be something human beings can live with easily.

This prediction has been made by John Yovich, a veterinary doctor from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. He maintains that IVF techniques can help a lot of couples to start a family when they want and not to be bothered too much by the biological clock.

He argues that even young couples have a 25% chance of producing a baby in a month. This ration falls to only 10% in couples over the age of 35.

He notes that IVF has a 100% success rate in livestock reproduction and he feels that the same can be replicated in human beings.