White House’s 70-Point Plan to Combat Obesity

Hoping to bring down the growing incidence of obesity, fast assuming the shape of an epidemic, among kids, Michelle Obama Tuesday unveiled a 70-point plan on behalf of a special White House Task Force with its focus on childhood obesity.

Offering to curb the rise in obesity among America’s children within a generation, the first lady, who has made childhood obesity a primary focus of her role in Washington, earlier revealed the results of a White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity Report. The 70-point plan, too, had been suggested by the report.

Besides advising a more proactive role for schools, families, state and local governments and businesses, the plan makes, as the name suggests, makes 70 recommendations to reverse the alarming trend of obesity among children. The main include helping kids maintain a normal weight, including addressing prenatal care for pregnant mothers, providing healthier food in school cafeterias, and increasing physical activity among children.

“We’re setting really clear goals and benchmarks and measurable outcomes that will help tackle this challenge one step, one family and one child at a time… If we meet the goals we set, we will reverse a 30 year trend,” Michelle Obama said.

Notably, one in three US kids are obese or overweight and the obesity rate is on the higher side in parts of the Midwest and Deep South, as per the U. S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.