Airbrushing Too-Thin Model, In order to Show her Curvier: Magazine

Health food giant Holland & Barrett brought changes in the way a skinny model looked, so as to show her more of a curvier woman.

The corporation has been hit with allegations that it altered the body of a Polish model, Kamilla Wladyka, who made an appearance on the April cover of its purchaser magazine, in a proposal to cover up her skeletal frame.

The revelation once gain pos up the concerns over size zero frame, which is quite popular in the magazine fraternity, where extra thin models are used to carry photo shoots.

Complete information about the event came up during a seminar on the issue of retouching previously this month, which was hosted by the model agency, Leni's Model Management and was attended by photographers, magazine editors and models, which included, Jodie Kidd.

Jane Druker, the Editor of Healthy magazine that works towards promoting health and wellbeing and has featured model, Elizabeth Hurley on its cover page, made confession that Kamilla Wladyka, the model who features in the April issue, was extra skinny in reality that her image was thoroughly retouched before the image appeared on the cover page of the magazine house.

The girl was so thin, that while retouching, they had to add 15 to 20 kilos extra on her flesh.