Ultra-luxury Bluetooth Headsets Launched By Novero

Setting a new trend in the blue tooth headsets market, Novero has launched five ultra-expensive Bluetooth headsets.

The headsets that fall in the Victoria collection are made with gemstones and precious metals.

Reports claim that Novero has introduced a new technique especially for this new line of headsets. The latest technique is called pavé, which literally means to pave.

As per the company reports, all the four devices have different styles and materials used in them. Further, the Bluetooth capabilities of the designs are also similar.

However, the technical specifications of the headsets are still not available.

Each design is made to appeal the ultra rich segment, for instance the Victoria Lapis features a blue stone dusted with gold pyrite. Another design, the Victoria Pearl necklace is made from handmade gold, followed by the Victoria Stripes that uses black silicone with brushed gold.

Another design, called the Victoria Wave is dressed with a white and blue pendant.

The Company has been articulate by not ignoring the men.

Victor, the specially designed headset for men boasts of a discrete pendant that travels around the neck and clips onto a shirt or jacket.

It is speculated that the collection would be launched summer in North America, Europe and Asia.

Company also claims that customized designs and selected materials from the buyer are available.

Catering to the ultra rich class, reports suggest that the range has also been priced at an ultra expensive bracket. The price for one of the products is estimated to be about $120,000.