Google’s Nexus One Now in Stores

Google has at last acknowledged that its online-only accessibility of the Nexus One cellphone was a letdown, and it will now get the gadget to retail outlets like it should have last year.

When the search engine giant had released the Nexus One, it was the first time that Google had actually made and retailed a tangible good.

Not fancying getting into the chaos with retail through stores, Google sold the Nexus One solely online through its own proprietary Web store.

However, sales never started off. Buyers had a difficult time giving to a phone that either came for hundreds of dollars, or needed a 2-year T-Mobile service contract, without being able to touch it or even have a close look at it in person.

Google VP of Engineering, Andy Rubin, wrote on the company's official blog that whilst the worldwide acceptance of the Android platform has surpassed their expectations, Google's web store hasn’t.

He added, "It’s remained a niche channel for early adopters, but it’s clear that many customers like a hands-on experience before buying a phone".

Prior this year, the Nexus One first made its foreign entry, and in Europe it is now offered in Vodafone retail stores. Google said that it will now pursue that model in the US.