Africans Involve to Fight Malaria

It was seen lately that Africans took part in fighting against malaria on the continent which included Ray Chambers U. N. Special Envoy for Malaria; Mark Green, the Director of the Malaria No More Policy Center and John Bridgeland, Vice chairman of Malaria No More.

"One private sector leader who's seen this work on the ground in Africa for years put it this way, 'foreign aid comes and goes and progress on malaria comes and goes. But this movement is a new model of governance the first time African leaders are embracing their own destinies, married with sufficient resources to get the job done. This is malaria's moment", wrote Chambers, Green and Bridgeland.

They also mentioned that malaria was no longer a disease of apathy because African leaders and the citizens were holding the view that Africa's future was up to Africans.

It was seen from the New York Times editorial that the global war on AIDS had racked up massive successes in the previous decade after they had given drugs to millions of infected people in developing countries.

It editorial also showed that the United States was on the top for financing the war on AIDS through its bilateral programs and a multilateral global fund.

It was see that as an alternative of a sharp increase in donations, the administration offered a little increase in joint financing and a modest lessening in its multilateral contribution.