Skin Cancer Can Be Dangerous

Skin cancer is a dangerous form of cancer and can affect anyone. It is not considered dangerous but can prove fatal in some cases. The older white males are at an increased risk of getting skin cancer. Even though people under the age of 50 are at a lesser risk of getting cancer and the death rates of people under 50 dying from cancer have been coming down over the last 20 years. But death rates for men over the age of 50 are increasing for the last 8 years.

The highest number of people dying from skin cancer are white males over the age of 65. Even though a lot of women are also dying due to skin cancer, still two times more men die of skin cancer as compared to women.

Medical experts feel that the reason for this is that awareness about skin cancer was not very common earlier. It is only during the last two decades that people are aware of the dangerous nature of skin cancer.

Even though it can take decades for this type of cancer to spread, it still remains a dangerous condition. Experts also feel that it is only during the last few years that people have started using sun creams regularly. Medical science had also not progressed so much to make people aware of this cancer. But due to advance medical treatment, now 92% of skin cancer victims are able to successfully overcome their condition.