iPad data packages from O2, Orange and Vodafone

Apple’s iPad is all set to hit UK stores and potential iPad owners are mulling over which data plan will suit them best.

Some of the important data plans for upcoming iPad are as follows:


O2 offers three different tariffs for iPad to choose from. O2’s iPad 3G UK data packages starts at 2 pounds per day for 500MB of data. Its rolling contract can be had for £10 a month, while 3GB data bundle come with a price tag of £15 a month.


Orange’s iPad 3G UK data package offers 200MB of data for 2 pounds per day, while weekly package is offers 1GB of data for 7.40 pounds. Orange also presents recurring monthly packages that offer 3GB and 10GB of data for
15 pounds and 25 pounds respectively.


In comparison, Vodafone is offering two iPad 3G UK monthly data plans. Customers can purchase 1GB of data plan for £10 a month, while 3GB and 5GB data plans cost £15 and £25 a month. A 5GB data allowance covers downloading of around 1,000 songs, streaming of nearly 10 hours of video and reading of 50,000 web pages.