Low Income Group More Prone to Obesity

Those who are familiar with terms hunger and obesity, understand very well that there is a positive--- and paradoxical - relationship between both of them and can very well explain the reason behind the fact poor people suffering from hunger are more likely to be effected by obesity, as this section of society had not only limited access to fresh food but also are more prone to have nutrient deficient, calorie rich foods.

Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign is a great framework but requires political support.

Mona Charen, in National Review's column today had attacked the federal government for being unsuccessful in addressing food insecurity.

The largest part of the Agriculture Department, The Food and Nutrition Service, which runs this program, has earnest bureaucrats in their program. Relaxation in eligibility have been made from time to time, as in
2004, about 6 percent of WIC infants lived in families having annual income above 300 percent of poverty line. 48 percent of the WIC families had income just at par with the poverty line.

The humorous thing about poverty in America is its association with obesity. Poor people are obese. In 2006, The American Journal of Public Health published the study illustrating that 35 percent of low-income group, three-year-olds were overweight. Obesity among women in low income group is 50 percent higher than the wealthier women.

Charen is not the only one fighting over "wasteful spending" on food assistance but Robert Rector of Heritage Foundation's in this New York Times issue had called the food stamp program "a fossil that repeats all the errors of the war on poverty", and merely goggling "food stamps, conservatives".