Review Finds, Construction Locations Widespread with Fall Hazards

It was found by the Ontario Ministry of Labour that there were extensive falls in workplace security in a 90-day bombardment aiming construction locations.

It was reported that the safety talks began when the Christmas Eve accident claimed the lives of four maintenance employees. It is said that the men fell 13 storeys and then dies.

Labour Minister Peter Fonseca, said, "Our inspectors cannot be everywhere at all times. So we need everybody to participate, that means the general public, that's workers, that's our health and safety partners, that's labour, that is employers, that is everyone".

Inspectors went to about 2,800 job locations, inspecting for hazards linked to working from heights, at the time of the three-month blitz. A quarter of locations were instantly closed down.

Over 3,400 orders were issued for such infringements as meager banister maintenance and defective systems for caring employees from falls. Grave falls around employee training were discovered by a lot of inspectors.

According to Ministry officials, they will carry on developing ways to improve workplace mishaps, and they plan to set up a 1-800 number for people to account dangerous work locations.

It is said that a boar will also be formed in order to scrutinize the matter of compulsory employee teaching in Ontario.