New Enterprise Service Provided by Cloud Computing

It was observed lately that Cloud Computing had provided a new enterprise service opportunity for Telco who were ready to merge cloud computing platforms with secure managed networking. With this they could fulfill the enterprise requirements for high performance and could protect the cloud computing services.

It was noticed that Telco as the providers of cloud computing would be meeting challenges.

It was seen that in the past two years cloud computing had attracted the IT industry because of its capability to provide a new model for computing and applications to the enterprises.

Lately it was seen that global & regional Telco had developed their own cloud computing services and had launched it including infrastructure-as-a-service.

Even though industry buzz was around cloud computing, Ovum research showed that it was not presently high on the manager’s agenda.

"However, we believe that early market entry by leading Telco will give them the opportunity to establish awareness and credibility before the cloud computing market steps up a gear to a higher adoption phase", said Peter Hall, Principal Analyst based in London.

From the Ovum research it was seen that even though many new about the longer term benefits, cloud computing was presently low on the agenda of most CIOs/IT managers.