Council to Invite Public for Comments on Fed Gov.’s Content Filter

The public will get an opportunity to offer their view point regarding the Federal Government’s talked about Internet content filtration to the Parliament.

The Joint Select Committee on Cyber Safety will today issue an invitation for public submissions on theme’s matter to legislative evaluation as well as Internet filtering, identity theft and privacy breaches.

Liberal MP and ex- Optus Regulation Chief, Paul Fletcher, stated that the group will notify Government on vital issues concerning Internet filtering, and improved Coalition calls for an autonomous inspection into the tender.

The 12-member group is presided over by South Australian Labor Senator, Dana Wortley, and Deputy Chair is NSW Liberal Party MP, Alex Hawke. Labor senators, Kate Lundy and Guy Barnett and NSW Independent Robert Oakeshott MP are as well part of the board.

Western Australia Greens Senator, Scott Ludlam, an enthusiastic filter reviewer, secured a place in the board after formerly losing a place by two votes to Family First Senator, Steve Fielding.

The filter was projected under the at that time Beazley-led Labor Party, 12 months previous to its election, whilst then-Communications Minister, Helen Coonan had disapproved of the plan and presented the now scrapped Net Alert home Internet content filter plan.