Opposition Threatens Not To Go Ahead With NBN

According to the reports, the opposition has threatened that if elected, the company would not go ahead with the National Broadband Network.

Criticizing the Government's proposed National Broadband Network, the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said that a Coalition government would not go ahead with the NBN.

Responding to the reports of criticism, the head of the company building of the National Broadband Network said that the company was not worried about the criticism from the Opposition.

The NBN Co's Chief Executive, Mike Quigley has said that he is not thinking about the possibility of what would happen if the Coalition won office.

He said that "Nobody in the company is sitting around worrying about what would happen in such an eventuality so we'll take it a day at a time”.

He also said that the people in the company were busy getting on with the job and the media reports have no impact on the confidence of NBN Co’s staff.