Nagaland Needs to Take More Steps

Nagaland has a very prevalence of HIV/AIDS and it is the state with the second highest number of AIDS patients in the country. A lot of efforts are needed from all the sections of the society to help contain this dangerous disease. This was stressed by Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu, Nagaland's Minister for Health & Family Welfare. He felt that apart from the Government, NGOs and other sections of the society also need to play a critical role to deal with this problem.

He was speaking at a campaign organized to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. This was organized by Legislator's Forum on AIDS- Nagaland. He noted that even though Nagaland had adequate infrastructure in place to deal with the problem, a lot more needed to be done. He felt that creating more awareness is also one of the most important things. Until and unless people are aware, people may not realize the severity of the issue.

The minister stressed that merely attending these types of programs will not make any difference but the ideas discussed here also need to be strictly implemented. A major shift in the attitude of the people is also required for these strategies to achieve positive results.

It is generally felt that Nagaland is a closed society and people are reluctant to discuss their problems. He cautioned that if this issue is not taken seriously, the day is not far when the existence of the people of Nagaland may be under threat.