A 24-Year Old Mother Arrested for Passing a Bad Check

After a day's chase, the 24-year-old mother, Nichole Hulse was arrested on late Wednesday night on charges of passing a bad check. She took away her medically fragile child from a Mount Vernon, Washington hospital without doctors' and the State's wishes. Hulse's mother in-law Teresa Johnson stated that she failed to appreciate what was going on with her child.

Though, taking away the child is not in any sense illegal, but Police in Mount Vernon is really concerned for its well-being. Baby showed signs of drug withdrawal. Hulse's sister took the child to Mercy Medical Center on Wednesday night. After that the baby was taken to a Boise hospital's neo-natal unit. Johnson said, "We did have the baby's interest at heart".

At about 11 pm at night on Wednesday, Hulse was arrested at her mother in-laws home. Nampa Police Lt. Brad Daniels said, "We picked her up on unrelated charges she had a couple of warrants for her arrest".

Hulse made her appearance in the court for two warrants. One is for passing a $900 bad check in Caldwell about a year ago and the other for failing to appear warrant out of Valley County. She's being detained on $3500 in bail.