Scottish Government Planning Job Cuts in Health Service?

The plans regarding making cuts in over half of which consists of the personnel working in nursing and midwifery, sprung up when a tense session was going on of First Ministers’ Questions yesterday.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde expects that the drop in the personnel number could possibly be achieved via natural wastage and not without compulsory redundancies.

The board has 44,000 individuals working under them, which includes part time workers, leaving a total of 33,000 full time workers’ posts.

Labor leader Ian Gray put accusations on Scottish Government that it has ordered cuts in health service.

Mr. Gray accused SNP ministers that they have been after it so that cuts are made in the work staff of health services.

The Labor leader stated that the staff was given the proposal, which demands to make cuts of over 1,200 jobs out of Glasgow’s NHS in the current year.

More than half of the nurses and midwifes are opposing the cuts and have said that they would not let it happen.

Mr. Salmond told Mr. Gray that NHS investment in Scotland this year was up by £264 million and stated that was regardless of the cut of £500m in the Scottish Government financial plan.