AMD to Help Computer Buyers with Vision

AMD wants to make it easier for customers to choose computers and other devices. The company has unveiled a new platform and is getting the support of leading vendors like HP, Acer, and Dell in its efforts.

AMD wants that just by looking at a PC a customer should be able to know what that machine is capable of doing. This means a customer just by looking at two computers will be able to know the differences. The customer may not need to rely on the information provided by the salesman or the company. In many cases to push the products, a salesman may provide conflicting or misleading information to the customers.

At an event in Austin, Texas the company announced the launch of its Vision brand. In the coming days, all AMD Central Processing Units or CPUs will come co-branded based on their level of functionality. This is an attempt by the company to make it easier for an average user to choose a PC.

AMD also wants companies to provide detailed information about the products and their specialized functions. Technology experts have welcomed these moves and feel that it will be in the interests of all the people.

It means that a customer who needs a net book may be able to choose the device and not purchase a product for which he does not have any requirement. It will also help most of the home users and geeks to more easily select the type of devices they need.