Free BP Check-up for Cranbourne Inhabitants

Cranbourne inhabitants are being encouraged to get their BP checked for free of charge at Casey RACE in the coming week.

The National Stroke Foundation's Know your numbers agenda works with an aim of promoting the significance of a regular BP check-up and bring more awareness of risk factors, so as to prevent a stroke.

Casey RACE will run a Know your numbers station with free of charge blood pressure checks all through the week of 17 to 23 May.

Casey RACE dry program Director, Michael Casey stated that a blood pressure test was an easy way to secure lives.

He said that by simply checking the BP of local inhabitants, the association would assure in reducing instances of stroke in people.

No less than 20,000 Victorian's have paid a visit to the stations ever since the program initiated in the year 2007.

Mere one in five has been found with normal BP readings. For station times, call 5990 8600 or visit the website www. caseyrace. ymca. org. au