Bed Shortages throughout Australia

Insufficient funding system in aged care will lead to shortages of bed all through Australia.

This week's budget could not succeed in delivering accurate aged care system and the probable benefits from the Productivity Commission's evaluation of the sector will not be seen in 4 years, as per the Bethanie Group in Western Australia and Anglicare Sydney.

The CEO of Bethanie, Wayne Belcher states that the circumstance is predominantly disturbing in WA where there have been constant under-subscriptions of housing care places.

There are in reality almost 2,500 places in WA, which are not allocated from the preceding six years or so, in theory, and they might all be picked up in WA alone.

However the cause no-one is picking them up is that the financial support is not proportionate with the expenditure of constructing it.

Mr. Belcher estimates that its expenditure would be somewhere between $180,000 and $200,000 for each place to construct a new aged care facility. If you consider a $200,000 principal on a loan with five per cent interest over ten years that would total to almost $82 per day.

Anglicare Sydney CEO, Peter Kell agrees that bed shortages will be foreseeable and the expenditure for building new facilities will actually be $42 for each resident per day.