Awareness Needed For Fibromyalgia

The Annual Fibromyalgia Awareness Day is on May 12 every year. The onset of the spring season is very difficult for those suffering from this condition. As in other forms of arthritis, the seasonal changes are very tough for these patients and flare-ups are pretty common during these times.

Even though this disease in not labeled as an arthritic disease, it is assumed to be a part of the same group of diseases. It also has a lot of characteristics similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and MS.

Patients suffering from this condition experience extreme pain and sometimes family members can do nothing expect watching the troubled patient. So the disease impacts not only the patient but also his family members.

The biggest problem is that doctors are able to do much for patients suffering from these conditions as they do not understand it properly. In many cases they are not able to do anything to help the patient.

Health experts feel that more awareness will lead to research and possible development of treatment of this condition. This condition cannot be treated properly by over-the-counter drugs and even prescribed drugs like Lyrica do not help the patients much.

In extreme cases, a medicine like Demerol can be of great help but doctors rarely prescribe this medicine even if the patient is inside an emergency room. The condition affects almost 10 million Americans according to medical experts.