Incidents Raise Questions About Quality of Health Services

There were serious doubts raised about the ability of medevacs to respond in a timely manner during a medical emergency. In two incidents it was found that the quality of service was highly unsatisfactory. Most of the health experts felt that a lot more needs to be done to raise the standards of services. The health board also expressed its reservations after these incidents came to light.

Labrador-Grenfell Health’s Chief Executive Officer, Boyd Rowe also stressed that the company is taking these incidents surely and trying to ensure that these types of incidents are not repeated again in the future.

Jerome Kennedy, Health Minister confirmed that the issue was also raised in the assembly. It generated a lot of political debate after being raised.

A protest has already been help by residents in the St. Anthony after the Government’s decision to move an air ambulance service to Happy Valley-Goose Bay. The Government feels that by moving the service there residents in Labrador will be served in a better manner.

The decision of the Government has already received a lot of criticism from citizens and medical experts. Most of the people felt that instead of changes it would be better if the Government focused on improving the quality of health services and in maintaining proper controls.