Pune Recorded Highest in the Quality of Rural Health Services

It was seen lately that the highest rise in the quality of rural health services was noted in Pune after a comparison was made in the five representative districts of Maharashtra. This comparison was made after the launch of the community based monitoring of the National Rural Health Mission.

It was told by Abhay Shukla, Coordinator for NRHM related activities of NGO SATHI which is the Support for Advocacy and Training to Health Initiatives that for better quality service, concept of CBM had to be extended.

It was seen that in 2007 the CBM was launched in 220 villages in 5 districts of the state, Amaravati, Nandurbar, Osmanabad, Pune and Thane.

A study was conducted on the villages from three blocks in Pune district, Velhe, Purandar and Khed. In the study 3 rounds of data were collection in July 2007, March 2009 and October 2009.

It was seen that the health services with the highest rating went from 49% to 85%. A rise of 36% was seen.

It was noted that every 3 months the health committee of a particular village collected data regarding the ratings of the health services. The ratings were divided into three basic categories, Good, Partly Satisfactory, Bad.

It was observed that the members of the health committee rate things like basic treatment, ante-natal and post-natal care, immunization frequency and availability of medicines.