Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated, to be Discharged in the Coming week

It has been a month that conjoined twins Sita and Gita have been separated. They went through a 14 hour long surgery and came out victorious and are almost ready now to be discharged from the hospice.

The twins have been capable of recovering properly and are going to be discharged in the approaching week.

Dr. Sanjeev Bagai, CEO Batra Hospital and Research Centre said that they were born combined, had common intestinal and urinary tracts. Parts of their pelvises, spines, hipbones and legs were also combined. The twins have more or less been able to recover and are healthy to leave for home and will be discharged sometime early in the subsequent week.

Docs of Batra hospital have partnered with a private hospice in Patna, where the twins will obtain complimentary medical treatment. The daughters of a daily wager, Subhash Mukhiya, and Nirmala Devi, Sita and Gita belong to Bhawanipur Kushwaha village in Bihar’s East Champaran district.

The 14-hour long surgical procedure included separating their spines and pelvises, as also the intestines, after which, splitting of the common anal canal was also done.

The anal openings, the vaginal openings and the urinary tracts were then rebuilt and skin defects were clogged by making use of constructed skin flaps.

A group of 27 experts including pediatric surgeons, critical care specialists, orthopedics and plastic surgeons were involved in carrying the surgical procedure.