$2mn Bounty for Info on Gangster Couple

“Have you treated this woman?” read a full-page color ad given by the FBI in Plastic Surgery News, an international magazine, in its search for Catherine Greig, the moll of South Boston fugitive James “Whitey” Bulger. Also, the ad mentioned a reward of $2 million for nip ’n’ tuck doctors in case information provided by them led to the arrest of the gangster couple on the run for last about 15 years.

Notably, Bulger (80) faces, among other criminal cases, the charge of slaying 19 women and men. In 1995, he went into hiding with 59-year-old Greig, a blond, blue-eyed dental hygienist. Bulger is reputed to be terrified of doctors, the ad mentions. Also, Greig is said to have got breast implants in 1982, besides other body works later on, it adds.

Calling the FBI tactic “brilliant”, Dr. Phillip Haeck of Seattle, President-Elect of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and a past Editor-in-Chief of Plastic Surgery News, however, said he could not recall if ever he asked a patient if they wanted a facelift, new nose or implants because they were a fugitive. “I’ve never asked that question of anybody,” Haeck said.

In addition, gangsters had to their advantage medical privacy laws that prohibit doctors from discussing their patients unless the latter were approached through court.