Super Mom: The Super Stressbuster

Well! Almost every mother has had this experience or may be experiencing it now, seeing their kids all strained out due to stress. Stress of studies, competition, extracurricular activities and the race of life, in order to be the number one amongst peers, all these envelop kids, giving them a lot of stress.

If you are that kid, probably you would want to meet your mom and talk about your problems or simply demand for a hug, so that you feel at peace.

However, if you cannot afford to be with her due to some reasons you may well desire to call and talk to her.

As per a new study, talking on the phone with your lovely mummy is almost as good as getting a hug for helping yourself, kid.

This can be more so said for young girls, as they find talking to their moms on the phone lessens their key stress hormones and as well release oxytocin, which is a chemical that provides feel-good sense that is considered to play a vital role in forming good relationships or bonds.

The study findings recall the 1980s ad promotion for AT&T, which demanded people to ‘reach out and touch someone,’ states the author of the study, Seth D. Pollak, Ph. D., a Psychology Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.