Bristol Police Educate Children Regarding the Risks of Firearms

Today, Avon and Somerset Police officials went to the Met Academy in Bristol to teach 8-grade students regarding the risks of carrying replica firearms and BB guns.

PC Rob Petty said, "Avon and Somerset police are dedicated to educating young people about the dangers of imitation weapons and BB guns. It is imperative that they see for themselves the dilemma's firearms officer's face when it comes to this issue”.

He added that the huge majority of firearms that their officials see are imitation weapons, but they look so realistic that it is impossible to tell whether it’s an actual weapon or not from a distance. They want that the children should be aware that carrying even a replica weapon can be very risky.

The school visit was part of Operation Tommy that is a continuing action intended at enlightening school kids to the perils of using imitation weapons. The instructive programme that makes up for one of the various plans operated by the force and its associate agents underlines that just how tough it is to make out the distinction between actual firearms and imitation weapons.

Steve Taylor Principal of Bristol Metropolitan Academy said that overall, their students are extremely responsible young individuals, who put in positively to their local communities.