Technology and happiness are correlated: research claims

Technology and happiness are correlated to each other, a fresh study commissioned by the British Computer Society and conducted by the Trajectory Partnership claimed.

Access to information technology such as mobile phones and PCs tends to make people feel free and empowered, which gives them a greater sense of control over their lives.

Speaking on the topic, psychologist Donna Dawson said, "Anything that increases the sense of personal control in our lives, such as IT, will reduce anxiety and stress and keep us mentally 'well'.”

According to the study, access to information technology offers particular benefits for women as well as educationally and economically disadvantaged people.

Access to IT provides more benefits to Women than men as they communicate more than men. Access to IT provides immense benefits to women in developing countries because they often feel more socially restricted and IT access can be a freeing experience for them.

The report was based on answers to questions put to around 35,000 individuals from around the globe.