Privacy Changes on Facebook

The Facebook users are at times frustrated by privacy changes or perhaps are simply plagued by the non-stop online chatter, which makes them think that they should get rid of the Facebook addiction, but only a few people follow through.

Facebook users have started filing complaints in comment threads last week, due to recent changes in Facebook as well as the discovery of a security hole that let users see friends' chats. A dedicated protest page is also posted on the site.

The co-founder of the popular user-generated gadget site gdgt, Peter Rojas, announced on Twitter that he was actually going to cut the cord.

He said, “I was spending more time managing my account than actually using my account. Having to constantly monitor the privacy settings was way too complicated. You can never be sure if you actually caught everything”.

Rojas opines that the privacy issue on the Facebook is big one. He added that he was happy to use the sight but he does not want to share his private updates and personal information with other Web sites. The site convinced him to stay as he clicked on the “deactivate” button under "Account Settings".

Facebook, before completing the process asks whether the user wanted to deactivate his account and displays pictures of a few friends, captioned with the lines, “(Friend’s Name Here) will miss you."