Police in Search of a Man who stole from Hospital Room of Cancer Patient

Toronto policies are looking out for a man who stole personal items from the downtown hospital room of a cancer patient.

It was told by the police that the man entered the Princess Margaret Hospital Lodge at 545 Jarvis Street on Saturday at 4:25 p. m. After entering the hospital the thief went on all the floors.

They also informed that the man entered the vacant room of an elderly cancer patient and stole the woman's laptop which had a number of photographs of her daughter who had passed away recently.

According to the police, the man put the computer inside the victim’s black carry bag and left the hospital.

The thief was described as white, 25-30, 5’10" with short, dark-brown gelled hair. He was wearing a red/yellow jacket, blue jeans and white running shoes when he was seen for the last time.

It was seen that the elderly women was a Winnipeg resident, and had come to Toronto to get the lung cancer treatment, which was done at Princess Margaret Hospital on Tuesday.

She was very unhappy about the memories that she had lost and expected that they would return to Winnipeg with or without their stolen memories.