Tekong's Coastal Vegetation Being Safeguarded

Pulau Tekong is said to be the one of the biggest islands of Singapore's remote islands, it is completely used for army training.

It is said that at present, over 1,000 mangrove trees on the north-eastern coastline of Pulau Tekong are at threat of declining because of corrosion.

Fortification of the coast and refurbishment works will be carried out for the first time, at the north-eastern coastline of Pulau Tekong by the National Parks Board (NParks) in order to safeguard the coast and mangroves in the region.

According to Dr. Lena Chan, Deputy Director of NParks' National Biodiversity Centre, the movements of ships and strong waves in the area has caused the erosion.

It has been reported that about 3km of north-eastern shore has been affected by the erosion, and is also posing a risk to the 92 hectares of mangroves in Pulau Tekong.

NParks had conducted a study in 2006 from which it discovered that 1.65km of the north-eastern shore is most inexorably affected.

"The coastline is very precious to us. It is important that we make sure it is not seriously eroded and we have good mangroves right next to the coastline," said Dr. Chan.

In the restoration process, firstly it would fill the areas with mud-filled recyclable sacks that are eroded under the mangrove berm. About 8,000 mangrove saplings will then be planted in front of the stones to facilitate to ward off the waves.