Study: Food Allergies Not That Widespread than what is Assumed

A lot of people think that they are suffering from food allergies however they do not.

A recent report, custom made by the Central Government has been able to establish that thought is widespread with feebly done studies upon the same, misdiagnoses and evaluations, which can offer misguiding results.

Although, there is no doubt, that individuals can be allergic to definite food items, with adverse reactions, such as from a rash to a grave life threatening reaction. The actual cases of food allergies is just around 8% for kids and not even 5% for adults, as stated by Dr. Marc Riedl, an instigator of the new paper and an Allergist and Immunologist at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Almost 30% of the populace considers that they are susceptible to food allergies and Dr. Riedl informed that almost half of the patients visiting his clinic are actually told that they might be allergic to certain food however that is not the case.

It cannot be denied that some people really do have grave allergic reactions, and at times, their condition may become serious, but it does not mean that every person has the problem. The trouble is more due to psychological aspect rather than physiological.