Bra-Clad Women Partake in The Playtex MoonWalk

A 41-year-old Maria Clark is suffering from breast cancer.

Four members from her close family bear a gene known as BRCA2 that leaves them inclined to the disease. After an aunt passed away, her mother, cousin, sister and another aunt were also detected with breast cancer.

Frightened that she also has the gene, the mom of two kids had a double mastectomy when she was 34, but four years later came to know that she wasn't a carrier.

Maria, an Assistant Supermarket Manager, is participating in The Playtex MoonWalk this Saturday, May 15.

Thousands of women clad in bra will be seen walking through the streets of London on a 26.2-mile walk throughout the night to increase consciousness regarding the disease.

She says, "At the time of my op, any genetic testing had come back clear but I was worried I wouldn't see my children Natalie, then 14, and Joshua, ten, grow up. I didn't want to end up like my auntie Pauline and leave behind a young family".

The final slap came after her surgery when her younger sister was also detected with the disease, aged only 33.

Maria says that her world fell to pieces. You think that you are past it and then someone else falls sick. It was distressing.