PCC rejects 'epic boobs' girl’s complaint against ‘Loaded’ magazine

A woman’s complaint over intrusion on her privacy by the ‘Loaded’ magazine has been turned down by the UK Press Complaints Commission.

The woman had complained that ‘Loaded’ magazine had intruded on her privacy by publishing her photo under the article titled "Wanted The Epic Boobs girl!" without her permission.

But, the PCC rejected the complaint because the photo had been circulated far and wide on the internet. It was informed that there were as many as 1,760,000 matches that related to her and 203,000 image matches of her as the 'epic boobs' girl at the time of complaint.

The girl was 15-year-old when the images were published on the internet, but she is now an adult. She was also an adult when the ‘Loaded’ magazine had published the article in February 2010.

The concerned article contained photos of several women taken from the internet and offered readers a reward of 500 pounds if they could encourage her to do a photo shoot.

As per the PCC, publishing the image four years ago, when the girl was an adolescent, could have harmed a vulnerable, but now image does not harm an unprotected 19-year-old adult.