Adobe Photoshop CS5 Analysis

Photoshop is the undoubted ruler of photography software; however a lot of us, who use it every day, have not concerned to purchase every new adaptation. With the unveiling of Photoshop CS5, which marks the 20th birthday of the package, everyone would want to know whether the upgrade is worth the money that everyone pays.

Adobe has renovated how it manages high-dynamic-range imaging. This geeky-sounding name refers to very contrast photographs where it is hard to get both the highlights and the shadows properly exposed.

Whilst camera makers have spent a lot of money on research into increasing the megapixels of their cameras, they have up to now done modest to make cameras see the complete array of light, from dark shadows to very bright highlights, that the human eye is capable of seeing.

The end result is that a lot of photographs have very high-quality foreground detail but the sky above is almost non-existing. It seems as plain white, with the clouds and blue background discarded by the camera.

The trouble with filters is that they work most excellent when a horizon is a direct line. Good-quality filters are also costly to purchase and some intense wide-angle lenses have full fronts that thwart standard filters from being attached.