Vodafone Scraps Its Fair Usage Policy

It was seen lately that Vodafone has decided to scrap its fair usage policy, and has announced that it would drop all reference to unlimited packages and would present negatively affected customers a way out of their contracts.

"We're cleaning up all our communication around 'unlimited' and you will see the word disappearing gradually from all touch points as we feel that this is only fair to our customers. The most important thing for our customers is to know that they can get online on the go, they know what they pay for and how much", said Jakub Hrabovsky, head of web relations, Vodafone.

It was also seen that the customers who were not happy with Vodafone's new terms 500MB monthly data limit were recommend a new plan which stated that contract would be stopped if the new charges had increased total call and usage charges by more than 10%.

The charges then would be evaluated with the same amount of usage in the previous month. They also added that they should be informed within 14 day about the ending of the contract.

It was told that Vodafone would be alerting the customers about their data limits through SMS and would be charging monthly subscribers £5 for every 500MB over the 500MB allowance. Whereas the pre paid customers would be paying 50p for every 10MB after the first 25MB.