Exclusion of Flash will daunt Apple’s prospective customers: Adobe CFO

Mark Garrett, Chief Financial Officer at Adobe Systems Inc. has said that dispute between Apple and Adobe over Flash software would daunt Apple’s prospective customers.

He was speaking at the JMP Securities Research Conference in San Francisco, where he added Apple’s decision to ditch Adobe’s Flash Player from its much-hyped products such as iPhone and iPad would not Adobe’s Creative Suite tools.

Speaking on the topic, he said, "We don't think there is going to be an impact to our Creative Suite tools as a result of this change from Apple."

Adobe began shipping the newest iteration of its Creative Suite, CS5, in April.

Adobe recently reported a revenue decline for the last quarter in its Creative Solutions business, which includes Creative Suite, from $460.7 million last year to $432 million this year.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently posted a letter on Internet, explaining why he decided to ditch Flash. He said Flash was a battery power hog, failed to support multi-touch interfaces and presented security risks.

In addition, Apple modified its iPhone Developer Licensing Agreement to prevent developers from using technologies other than Apple’s to develop applications. Reports suggest that Apple is developing its own alternative to Flash.