Location Feature on Facebook Soon

The users of the Facebook can share their locations in their status updates. The addition of this feature is described in a story by Advertising Age, this Friday. This location feature will debut later this month and the people will be able to include their current locale in their postings if they choose to do so.

According to Ad Age, Facebook is likely to offer the location feature on an opt-in basis, as it was stung by concerns and complaints about customer privacy as well as new features that are turned on by default.

About 100 millions of the Facebook users will really feel delighted to tell their family and friends where they are. The people who will be benefitted the most will be marketers and businesses.

The location feature will be used by McDonald's, as a way to promote itself, according to another story in Ad Age. People can tell their family and friends with the help of the fast-food chain's Facebook app, which would also enable the company the opportunity to feature one of its products in the post.

Though, any details have not been provided by the Facebook on the location feature, but it did confirm its development in a statement to CNET News, on Monday. The statement said, “We have been working on a location feature for a while but don't have immediate plans to announce anything. We'll let you know when we have more details to share”.