Zynga Threatens to Go Solo

The makers of popular games like Farmville, Cafe World and Mafia Wars and Facebook are engaged in a war over the use of Facebook credits. Zynga is not happy with Facebook’s recent moves and is threatening to go solo. But experts fell that both the companies need each other and it may not be easy for them to part ways.

Zynga has already started to prepare its own social gaming site and is planning to ditch Facebook permanently, according to reports. But both of them need one another and going solo is easier said than done.

As per figures, 26 million people everyday play Farmville on Facebook every day. Facebook is the main platform on which all these users play this game. It will not be easy for Zynga to move away from Facebook.

Some feel that Zynga is more dependent on Facebook than Facebook is on Zynga. They fell that the social nature of Facebook helps increase the popularity of Farmville considerably.

If Zynga wants to go alone in the market, it will need a lot of money and resources. But the company can also get a lot of benefits by going solo like having a complete ownership of its user base, being more flexible in design and innovation. In the long term, going solo may be a better option for a company like Zynga.