HP Hurricane to Seriously Challenge Apple iPad

It is being speculated that the Windows 7-based HP Slate PC may not see the light of the day, but HP still plans to use the Palm’s WebOS to develop a new tablet device codenamed “Hurricane".

Even though there are a lot of tablet devices which will be launched in the coming days or will be soon flooding the market, HP Hurricane can still present a potent challenge to Apple iPad due to the following reasons.

Using Adobe Flash- Even though Apple is very local about the disadvantages of Flash, it is a reality that it continues to be universally popular and most of the leading websites and developers still prefer it to any other format.

Camera- Having a camera can really increase the appeal of a tablet as it can help us to see the person we are chatting with. It will also help business professionals for Skype video calls and for video-conferencing solutions.

USB Feature- One of the biggest disadvantage of Apple iPad is that it does not offer any USB port. So having a USB port is very important as it helps transport, copy and read data easily. It will be a big advantage for business users who need to carry data.

HP’s distribution channels across the world are highly developed and offer the company a lot of bargaining power. The company has a relationship with leading organizations around the world.

HP can also use their brand equity and especially in the developing countries like China and India, HP is a much better brand than Apple.