Facebook Savvy, Yet Facebook Safe

One of the most popular social networking sites with 400 million active users, the pressure on Facebook is inexplicable.

Though Facebook takes into account to safeguard the user’s information, however industry experts urge that Facebook cannot deliver absolute data security all the time.

With small malfunctioning in the past like, loopholes that allowed viewing your friend’s private chat conversations, and receiving private messages intended for others have been experience by the users.

Analysts say that complete privacy of information in social networking sites is hardly possible. They further say that a certain degree of vulnerability is always possible.

People who are Facebook savvy can also be Facebook safe by keeping in mind some basic points.

Experts suggest that people should be responsible in safeguarding their personal data. He /She should not post any personal information that can be useful for the hackers.

Recently, Facebook had a phishing scam that asked users to input their credentials into a fake Facebook look-alike. When the information was fed, the hackers could access the log-in information and could do whatever they'd like with the person's profile.

According to Facebook officials, Facebook is a site that allows users to communicate with friends. However, they insist that the site should not be used to reveal their deepest and darkest secrets.

Experts feel that Facebook privacy options are actually useful since the users can decide which people are allowed to see the content in their profiles.

However, they insist that people should be more diligent in safeguarding their personal information.