Elmwood Daycare Shut due to Suspicious Fire Damage

It has been reported that late Sunday night, Elmwood daycare was terribly damaged by a suspicious fire, compelling parents to make eleventh-hour choices for their kids.

It is said that the fire began at 11:20 p. m. and the city’s arson strike force is examining the blaze, the fire has said to cause over $1 million in damage to Elmwood Day Nursery Inc. and the City of Winnipeg building at 75 Brazier St.

Nobody was injured in the fire at the facility, which was built in the early 1980s. But the daycare was badly damaged and was left with a wide open burnt hole in its roof.

Both the building and equipment had gone through fire damage. Other building parts had persistent smoke and water damage.

According to daycare’s Director, Lucille Leclerc, she is seeking for a provisional facility but not anything has been lined up yet.

“Our big concern is making sure the daycare gets going somewhere because there are so many families that need our help,” Resource Centre Director, Lisa Malbranck said, “This area has a lot of single-parent families and families where both parents work”.

Leclerc also said that an observer might have seen children near the back of the facility brusquely before the blaze took place. She said that the first alarm came from a motion detector.