EA releases iPhone version of Skate It

EA Games has released a special version of Skate It for iPhone. Skate It, which was originally launched on the Nintendo DS in 2008, is considered to provide the most realistic skate experience.

Skate It, which challenges Tony Hawk's recently released Pro Skater 2, allows players to performs tricks such as flips, ollies and shuvits on the touch-screen. Player will be able to record moments of gameplay and share them with their friends.

A large focus on customization is one of the main advantages that Skate It enjoys over Pro Skater 2.

Skate It is more simulator-like and grounded when compared with Pro Skater 2. Pro Skater 2, the uber-popular PlayStation game was made available on iPhone and iPod touch previous month.

Gamers can purchase Skate It now from iTunes for 3.99 pounds.