Yogi Survives Without food and Water for 65 years

The whole world views India as a land of miracles. They feel that some things can happen only in India. A recent case confirms this assumption. A yogi had been surviving without food and water for the last 65 years. Something which is even more amazing is that he is still in a sound state of health. This has already been confirmed by a team of 30 doctors.

The yogi Prahlad Jani or popularly known as ‘Mataji’ is undergoing various tests for the last 15 days. His condition is much better than anyone even though he is 82 years old. He revealed in an interview with a news channel that a special type of yoga is the reason of his condition. He also maintained that any person can do the same by following this type of yoga.

He has managed to create a stir among doctors and researchers around the world. Various tests done on him have also found him to be entirely normal.

The tests were conducted by a team of doctors from April 22, 2010 for the next 15 days. The doctors checked all the vital organs including the heart, liver and the kidneys. The tests of his nervous system also found that it is functioning normally which is surprising for a person of his age.