Teams from MCI Visit 2 Hospices in Ahmadabad

A three-member squad from the Medical Council of India on Monday started their scrutinizing process at the planned Sola Medical College in Ahmadabad, which is run by the Gujarat Medical Education and Research Society.

The panel consisted of Dr. M R Vyas from Calicut, Dr. Rajashree Sharma from Aligarh and Dr. Madhukar Prachanda from the Nagpur Civil Hospital.

College authorities provided information that the squad questioned the Sola Civil Hospital authorities regarding the deficiency of an Infection Control Committee at the Intensive Care Unit, provision of laboratories in the facilities, dearth of workforce at the blood bank and the Microbiology laboratory.

MCI affiliates, declining to openly speak, stated that around 50% of the examination pertaining to the availabilty of laboratories at the medical college, beds in the hospital and Infection Control Committee were concluded today.

Dr. Vyas informed that the issue of awarding Letter of Permit will be determined in the managerial committee meeting.

The MCI squad will arrange the account and send it to the managerial committee, which will later forward it to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

A good number of the associate professors that were lately relocated to Sola from B J Medical College were in attendance so that MCI bureaucrats could authenticate their certificates, their wages receipts and their income tax record.