Henna Tattoos Associated With Raising Leukemia Peril

Henna tattoos that seem to be popular amongst the people that travel through Asia for their vacations and the Middle East, has been associated with higher perils of leukemia.

Researchers in the Gulf have been able to establish that incidences of leukemia in local women is much higher as compared to any other place, and what is astonishing is that major sufferers are men.

They are of the opinion that one probable cause could possibly be the popular regional custom of using henna, in order to create decorations on skin.

They consider that it is not the henna itself that is the trouble, but the compounds that are used as a solvent for the henna powder. Benzene, which is identified to be the cause of cancer, is prohibited for this reason in a number of nations, but is yet extensively employed.

The study that has been conducted by a team from hospitals in the United Arab Emirates stated that nearly every female in UAE regularly uses henna, so as to blemish their nail, hands, feet, and to beautify a big area of the skin of their arms and legs for cosmetic reasons.

The henna is extensively brought in use at various salons in the UAE, which is basically mixed with benzene and additional petroleum products for color enhancement.