The Sorry State of HIV Funding

The cure for HIV is still a farfetched dream for the world. Years later since the HIV was diagnosed, medical fraternity is still groping in darkness to find answers.

Aid s funding is the savior for countries suffering from HIV but reports claim that the funding for global AIDS treatment is drying up, leading to heart aching consequences.

According to Don McNeil, people in Uganda and other African countries are placed on long waiting lists for antiretroviral medicines that could treat them.

He claims that major clinics turn away people in Uganda and the trend is catching up fast in all the African countries.

According to his findings, in Kenya the grant to keep 200,000people on drugs will expire soon. Further more in Mozambique where an American run program is in place has ordered the society not to open new clinics in the area.

As per reported by Doctors Without Borders, a medical charity there have been shortages of drugs in Nigeria and Swaziland. Also treatments are being cut short in Tanzania and Botswana.

The sorry state of funding is attributed to the global recession that has hid the donors. Another factor that has caused the downward trend is the absence of a proper cure for HIV.

The failure of the traditional `ABC' approach is also attributed to the spread of HIV. Once widely popular, the approach has fallen flat on its face due to the effects of modernization.

Experts urge that the sorry state of funding for HIV is the recipe for failure, and in the absence of proper funds the evil of HIV would never be conquered.